About Us

Biniyog.com.bd offers financial planning and investment advice in Bangladesh. Our experienced team and modern software help individuals and businesses reach their investment goals. We are committed to helping you invest in the share market or other mediums.

Our mission is to provide investors with the knowledge and software they need to make sound financial decisions. We also have an investment education section on our website with educational blogs.

We think that giving investors better investment information can help them make better decisions and reach their financial goals. We offer software tools that cover investment basics and stock analysis to help investors learn what they need to do well in the stock market.

We are the first in Bangladesh to use Artificial Intelligence for stock investment, which gives you analysis scores for all listed companies in the country to help you make better investment choices.

Our Partners:

K Securities and Consultants Limited is our broker partner in Bangladesh. You can access our benefits by opening a BO account with them.

Register at biniyog.com.bd to use our share analysis tools without a BO account.

Why Biniyog.com.bd?

Biniyog believes that investment plans should be easily accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of income level. That's why we offer a range of services and modern software tailored to your needs, including financial planning, share investment management, and assistance in analyzing the diverse investment options available in Bangladesh.

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