Do you have a BO account with a brokerage house that doesn't handle investments?

Take control of your investments with manual portfolio management tools. Enter your portfolio details into Invest for advanced information and analysis in share trading.

How to manage your portfolio on Biniyog?

Maintaining your portfolio information is now easier with Biniyog. Simply update your current portfolio initially, and then stay up-to-date by regularly inputting any buy/sell transactions or deposit/withdrawal activities. The investment system will then ensure a seamless investment experience.

Why save your portfolio information on Biniyog?

Wide Range of Features:

When you choose Biniyog, you can use many strong trading tools. These tools give you detailed dividend information for your investments, help you find good investment chances, give you complete reports on your investments, and show you how your investments are doing in real time.

You can access all these features from one platform, which makes Biniyog a complete solution for your stock market needs.

Control and Transparency:

With Biniyog Manual Portfolio, you have full control over your investment management. You can easily see and track your share holdings, which helps you make smarter investment choices.

Biniyog also keeps you informed about market changes and gives you advice to maximize your investment potential.

Streamlined Management:

No need to check multiple platforms or manually track your investments across different accounts anymore. Biniyog integrates your portfolio information from multiple accounts, saving you time and effort.

Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, enabling you to focus on your most important investments.

Security and Privacy:

At Biniyog, we make sure your financial information is secure. Our platform has strong security measures to protect your data and give you peace of mind.

We follow a strict privacy policy to keep your personal information confidential.

Don't miss the chance to use your portfolio management effectively. Our platform gives you the information and tools to trade confidently, whether you're experienced or new. Open an account with Invest today and upload your portfolio to unlock your investment potential.