Seamless Fund Transfer and Investment Experience

Biniyog offers hassle-free fund transfers, providing the fastest and safest way to invest in the Bangladesh stock market.

Deposit Money

Savings Fund / Money Investment / Money Deposit:

How can you deposit money or money?

▶️ Deposit cash in person or via check at any branch of your broker, or pay by check at your convenience.

▶️ Cash or check deposits can be made directly into the broker's bank account (cash deposits up to TK 8,75,000).

▶️ Utilize BEFTN, RTGS, NPSB, or online banking website and bank mobile app for deposits.

▶️ Use Bikash or the Bikash mobile app for deposits.

▶️ Make deposits through Debit or Credit Card via the Payment Gateway.

What are your online options for depositing money?

You can transfer funds directly from your bank account to your trading/BO account using any of the following electronic payment methods.

Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) is a modern method of transferring money from
one bank to another.

▶️ No additional charges.
▶️ Funds transfer typically takes up to 48 hours, within maximum banking time.
▶️ Supported by all banks in Bangladesh

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is an electronic funds transfer system for intra-country transactions that operates in real-time.

▶️ Minimum transaction limit: Tk 1,00,000
▶️ Real-time fund transfer
▶️ Supported by all banks in Bangladesh
▶️ No charges
▶️ Same-day fund transfer facility within banking hours

National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) is a domestic ATM sharing network regulated by Bangladesh Bank.

Banks with NPSB Facility:

▶️ Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd
▶️ AB Bank Ltd
▶️ Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd
▶️ Bank Asia Ltd
▶️ BRAC Bank Ltd
▶️ Dhaka Bank Ltd
▶️ Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd
▶️ Export-Import Bank of Bangladesh Ltd
▶️ First Security Islami Bank Ltd
▶️ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

▶️ Midland Bank Limited
▶️ Mutual Trust Bank Limited
▶️ Pubali Bank Ltd
▶️ Shimanto Bank Limited
▶️ Southeast Bank Limited
▶️ Standard Chartered Bank
▶️ Trust Bank Limited
▶️ United Commercial Bank Limited
▶️ City Bank Limited

You can also deposit funds from your credit/debit card to your BO account through payment gateways.
The credit card fees are:

▶️ Visa, MasterCard, and other payment channels - 2.2% (Approximately)
▶️ American Express - 3.5% (Approximately)

You can also make payments through mobile financial services like bKash.

▶️ Dial *247# from your mobile phone
▶️ Select Payment by typing three (3)
▶️ Enter the merchant development account number of the broker
▶️ Input the amount of money
▶️ In the reference, enter your Client Code/Int, Type Ref Number
▶️ Press Counter Number One (1) - Type your Bikash PIN
▶️ After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation message

▶️ Log in to your Bikash account by entering your registered bKash mobile number and bKash PIN
▶️ Your bKash dashboard will appear
▶️ Click on the Payment button
▶️ Enter the merchant number of the broker
▶️ Click on the right arrow (➜) when the payment page appears
▶️ Enter your amount and click again on the right arrow (➜) displayed on the next page
▶️ Enter your client code in the reference box
▶️ Input your bKash PIN
▶️ Tap and hold the payment button to complete the payment
▶️ You will receive a confirmation message from bKash
▶️ Save our merchant number for future use.

You can deposit your funds using any of the methods mentioned above. Please include your Broker Client Code / Int. in the reference/comment section during the submission process. Additionally, include the Ref Number and email a screenshot of your successful transaction message or the deposit receipt / deposit slip to the broker's email address. This will enable the broker to credit your BO account.

Comparison of Various Fund Transfer Methods

Fund/Withdraw Money

Withdrawing money from your BO account is easier than depositing money. We transfer funds transparently and securely.

Brokerages in the Dhaka Stock Exchange have introduced an electronic fund transfer process for their clients, making it faster and more transparent.

You can enjoy the following benefits at your brokerage:

▶️ Easy process for withdrawing money or funds - Fast fund transfer (directly to your bank account electronically, in an automated manner)
▶️ No need to collect checks in person or from an authorized person
▶️ Receive fund transfer confirmation messages via SMS.

Withdrawal Process Steps:

Through web portal (only for registered customers)

▶️ Visit our website at
▶️ Log in to your registered account
▶️ Specify the required amount of money in the Fund Management > Withdraw box
▶️ Click on Send Request / Submit
▶️ Typically, it takes 2 days for the money to be credited to your bank account, or it may take up to 48 hours.

Fund withdrawal requests made before 2.00 PM will be processed on the same working day; otherwise, they will be processed on the next working day.

For example, Fund Withdrawal Requests raised on March 31, 2022, will be processed at 2.00 PM, and subsequent Fund Withdrawal Requests will be processed on the next working day.