Are You New to Share Trading?

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks without risking any money? Try paper trading.

How to do paper trading on Biniyog?

To begin paper trading, traders need to open a virtual trading account through Biniyog. Once they have an account, traders can access a trading platform that simulates a real trading environment.

More than thousands of traders practice paper trading regularly to improve their trading skills, which helps them earn more profits.

Grab that opportunity by opening a paper trading
account today!

A journey from beginner to expert trader

Become a skilled trader by practicing paper trading


Learn the basics of the stock market and trading through investment.

Practice & Analysis

Analyze the market through screeners, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

Capital Market Investment

Begin stock trading by adding a BO account to Biniyog.

Expert Trader

Ensure profits by trading consistently in the stock market to build a secure future.

Learn from paper trading mistakes to avoid risking your and your
family's financial security.

Why Paper Trading?

Would you like to learn hands-on share trading without any financial risk?

Paper trading offers a risk-free environment, enabling traders to test their strategies without risking any real money.

Looking to develop your share trading strategy without any financial risk?

In the financial sector, risk management is a crucial skill. Paper trading helps traders learn how to manage risk by letting them test different strategies and see how they perform in various market conditions. Traders can try out different strategies, see how they work, and change their approach to reduce risk.

Looking to improve your analytical skills in share trading?

Paper trading helps traders improve their analytical and strategic thinking skills. They can use real-time market data to analyze trends, identify patterns, and develop strategies. This helps them become better at evaluating financial data and making decisions.

Are you ready to trade with full confidence?

Paper trading helps traders gain confidence in their strategies, better preparing them for real-world trading.

Are you prepared to invest in the financial sector?

Paper trading helps young people practice and gain experience in finance. They learn to trade, analyze market data, and monitor trends without using real money. This helps them understand how financial markets work and make better decisions.

Would you like to learn about investing in different financial sectors of the country?

Paper trading helps young students learn about different investment products like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They can study the features of each type, see how they perform in different markets, and learn to manage a diverse portfolio.

Are you ready to change your fate in the growing finance industry?

Paper Trading helps young students gain real-world experience in finance, preparing them for careers in the field. It allows them to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life situations, better preparing them for the challenges of the financial sector.