Supercharge Your Savings: Unleash Your Desired Tax Rebate!

Are you ready to take control of your tax rebates? Open the door to effortless savings by strategically investing in government-designated sectors. Maximize your returns and watch your tax rebate soar to new heights.

tax rebate
tax rebate

Unlocking Financial Benefits: Demystifying Tax Rebates!

Ever wondered about the perks hidden in your investments? The government offers tax rebates and exemptions as a powerful incentive for taxpayers like you to channel funds into specific sectors and contribute to designated causes.

Here's the scoop: Your tax rebate is determined by the smallest of these three figures— 10 million taka, 3% of your total taxable income, or 15% of your actual investment. This rebate becomes a game-changer as it gets deducted from your total payable income tax, putting more money back in your pocket.

Ready for the magic?

By investing in specific sectors like the stock market, provident funds, DPS, savings certificates, life insurance, and more, you not only secure your financial future but also qualify for these lucrative tax rebates. It's time to turn your investments into a tax advantage and pave the way for a prosperous financial journey.
Start reaping the rewards now!

Unlock Your Tax Rebate: A Smart Guide to Investment Calculations!

Discover the secret to maximizing your tax rebates with insights from the National Board of Revenue (NBR). Enjoy rebates up to the sector-specific maximum limit for your investments and donations.

Here's the key: Submit your income tax return, showcasing your annual income, expenses, and assets using the prescribed form. Take advantage of this opportunity by ensuring accurate calculations when submitting your annual income tax statement to the National Board of Revenue. Let's make your tax journey efficient and rewarding. Start optimizing your rebates today!

tax calculator

Unlocking Tax Benefits: Explore Government-Approved Investment and Donation Avenues!

Investment Sectors:
▶️ Shares of Listed Companies: No upper limit for tax rebate!
▶️ Mutual Funds, Unit Funds, or Debentures: Enjoy a maximum tax rebate of 5,00,000 taka.
▶️ Deposit Pension Schemes (DPS): Invest with a maximum tax rebate limit of 1,20,000 taka.
▶️ Government Securities: Secure your future with a tax rebate limit of 5,00,000 taka.
▶️ Life Insurance Premiums: Get rebates up to 10% of your life policy's value.

Donation and Contribution Sectors:
▶️ Provident Fund for Government Officials: Support the future with your contributions.
▶️ Employer and Employee Recognized Future Funds: Make a difference in employee welfare.
▶️ Welfare Funds, Group Insurance Funds, and Super Annuity Funds: Contribute to societal well-being.
▶️ National-Level Institutions Honoring the Father of the Nation: Preserve the legacy through your donations.
▶️ Zakat Funds: Fulfill your charitable obligations.
▶️ Charitable Hospitals Approved by NBR: Support healthcare initiatives.
▶️ Institutions for the Welfare of the Disabled: Make a positive impact on the lives of the disabled.
▶️ Liberation War Museum: Contribute to preserving history.

▶️ Aga Khan Development Network, Ahsania Cancer Hospital, ICDDR’B, and CRP, Savar: Support worthy causes.
▶️ Government-Approved Public Welfare or Educational Institutions: Invest in education and societal progress.
▶️ Asiatic Society, Bangladesh: Contribute to cultural and educational development.
▶️ Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital: Make a difference in healthcare.
▶️ National-Level Institutions Preserving the Memory of the Liberation War: Support a significant part of our history.

tax return

Boost Your Refund: Essential Steps to Claim Income Tax Rebate!

Dreaming of a bigger tax refund?

It starts with claiming your rebate smartly! To unlock the benefits, simply fill out the user-friendly Form 24D alongside your return form. Share the details of your investments or donations to maximize your refund potential.

Seal the Deal: Attach this completed form to your annual return, ensuring a seamless process. Don't forget to fortify your claim with solid proof of your investments or contributions. Let's make your tax journey rewarding and stress-free! Start claiming your well-deserved rebate today!

Maximize Your Savings with Our Tax Rebate Calculator

Ready to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket? Meet our Tax Rebate Calculator, the tool that empowers you to optimize your tax effortlessly.

How does it help?

Income Insights - Easily input your income from various sources, ensuring every penny is accounted for.

Investment Tracking - Record your investments across different avenues, from banks to stocks.

Tax Details - Provide comprehensive tax data, and we'll crunch the numbers to reveal potential rebate opportunities.

Data Analytics - Gain invaluable insights into your income and investment performance, helping you make informed financial decisions.

Rebate Target - Discover your personalized rebate goals and strategies.

tax calculator
Tax Rebate Calculator