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Investors can track their portfolio positions, gains, and losses using real-time updates of DSE market prices. The platform helps customers trade stocks online and gives real-time transaction updates.

It improves customer experience by analyzing investment portfolios, allowing users to evaluate their financial performance in the stock market.

Customers can also access online dividend information, tax deductions from dividends, and bonus right share information for various companies.

Financial Management

Biniyog Fund Management is an online platform for investors to deposit and withdraw funds.

It allows customers to instantly deposit money into their accounts using online payment gateways.

It focuses on user convenience and offers a transparent, hassle-free process for managing funds.

IPO Management

Biniyog's online platform lets users see a list of IPO offers and apply directly.

Users can track their application status, get notifications about deadlines, and access info about the IPO process and companies.

Biniyog automates the application process to submit applications accurately and on time.

Technical Analysis

Biniyog uses a strong technical analysis chart from Trading View. It gives users real-time data and customizable technical indicators. This helps people analyze market trends and find investment chances.

Biniyog has customizable charts, so users can adjust their analysis to fit their trading strategy. It also makes it easier to analyze historical market prices and find potential indicators like support and resistance. This helps investors make smart investment choices.

Share Screener

The screener is a powerful tool that helps investors filter companies based on their preferred criteria. Users can conduct their company search process based on various indicators, including market capitalization, price-earnings ratio, and dividends, through the screener.

The stock screener is highly customizable, allowing investors to set their own search criteria and filter results based on their portfolio to meet their specific needs.

Watchlist and Alerts

The Watchlist feature helps users monitor and track their favorite listed companies using customizable filters and real-time data.

Additionally, investors can set customized alerts based on their preferred trading strategies, aiding them in making timely investment decisions.

Alerts can be set for price movements, trading volume, and other key indicators, ensuring investors never miss important opportunities."

Paper Trading

Paper Trading's simulated trading process allows investors to trade in a simulated environment without investing any real money, helping them practice and refine their trading strategies without risking any capital.

This helps traders gain confidence in their strategies and can prevent costly mistakes when trading with real money.

Company News

Investment publishes the latest market information, including company news from the DSE database and online newspapers. Additionally, Investment provides detailed company information published by the DSE.

This news helps conduct transactions in a more risk-free manner and enables quick reactions to changing market conditions."

Weekly Newsletter

The weekly investment newsletter keeps investors informed about the latest stock market news and general issues. It comprises a compilation of news related to the stock market, along with macro and microeconomic updates of the country.

Additionally, the newsletter provides economic and market summaries to help subscribers grasp current economic and stock market conditions."

Educational Blog

Biniyog's educational blog offers investors valuable information and educational resources about the stock market and trading. We provide various articles, videos, and tutorials that analyze topics such as market analysis, technical indicators, and trading strategies.

Our educational materials are tailored to assist traders of all levels, from novices to experienced professionals, in gaining deeper insights into the stock market and refining their trading strategies.

Bank Scheme Information

Biniyog is a helpful resource for people who want to find out about banks in Bangladesh. It shows details of different bank schemes and packages from all the major banks.

This makes it easy for users to compare the schemes and choose the best one for their needs.

It gives them the information they need to make smart investment decisions that match their financial goals.

Bank Profit Calculator

The Bank Profit / Interest Calculator helps users calculate the profit earned on Deposit Pension Scheme (DPS) and Fixed Deposit (FDR) bank schemes.

Users can input the profit rate and scheme duration to generate a graph showing the profit. They can customize the calculator with their scheme details to easily determine the expected profit.

This tool helps users make informed decisions and understand potential investment returns.